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Truth or Dare (2012)

A group of partygoers are lured to a remote location for some vicious revenge.

At a party filled with twentysomethings a young man is bullied and beaten as part of a sick truth or dare game. Some time later those that were involved in his upsetting night, are invited to a remote country location on the promise of a party. Having arrived no party exists; in fact it’s just a sick game of revenge that will only be ended when Felix (Tom Kane) is avenged.

Truth Or Dare is a considerably entertaining horror effort from relatively new talent Robert Heath. So many British horror offerings are utterly disappointing, especially when the budgets are small. Truth Or Dare however actually brings something a little different to the table. It begins with what seems like a fairly predictable plot; you believe you know exactly where it is going, and who will survive the ordeal. Within a short time however you soon realize that this is not the case, predictable this is not.


This is very much horror for the Hollyoaks generation (apologies to readers outside the UK who might not understand this reference), and for a younger audience this will be pretty cutting edge, raw stuff. Older viewers might not be left so surprised, but they will enjoy the twists. Those expecting a little truth or dare may be a little disappointed, the game is but a gateway, and not part of the bigger picture.

The young cast is incredibly capable particularly Florence Hall, and Jennie Jacques, along with the movies key victim played by Tom Kane. While Liam Boyle becomes the unlikely hero, and Jack Gordon becomes again typecast as the movies anti-hero.


The movie has some nice effects, some outstanding backdrops, and some beautifully framed shots, that give its low budget the impression of much higher quality.

It’s not cutting edge, but it’s not half bad, and certainly worth giving it your time.

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  1. Posted September 10, 2012 at 6:32 am

    Thanks a lot for this :)

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    This sounds great

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    wow.. awesome

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