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The Critic’s Corner: Independence Day

An overlook of one of the greatest alien movies of all time.

This extremely awesome movie about when aliens attack is altogether well done. I believe that anyone who says otherwise is completely insane, and I’m not just praising this pack of action for no reason. Oh no, this epic movie has a lot to offer, and here’s why.

      The actors, first of all, were absolutely magnificent. Will Smith plays a pilot, Steve, who has fallen in love but doesn’t have the courage to ask because he works a lot. His role is perfect; he plays it like he really is this guy! The president of the U.S.A plays his role as we would all expect, a hero with motivational speeches to unite the people for one purpose, to kick some alien butt!

    Next on the praise list would be the costumes. The ordinary every day people’s clothes made it all the more realistic. Also worth mentioning are the alien costumes, which were very well done. I still have no idea how they made it with its multiple moving tentacles, and the alien inside the alien appearing after its physical examination added to the overall suspense.

     Another topic to discuss is the staging. The inside of the spaceship, the Nevada desert (Area 51), the capital, and of course NYC were all setup terrifically. But I have to say that my favorite scene is the inside of the space ship. Whoever designed that needs a pay raise, because that was really creative. It’s ever expansive tunnels, support beams that glowed, and an army of aliens boarding their crafts all showed the hard work and effort put into this scene. I also very much like Area 51’s setup because of it’s advanced technology, crazy scientists who bustle around, and of course the twenty four hour surveillance crew adding to the general effect.

     Finally my number one rated quality of the movie is the special effects. The explosions some say are over done, but I say they add more excitement. The computer generated mini alien pods are very well done; they really capture the change in lighting in the chase scene. The main thing though, was the death ray. The greenish blue flash of light rains down on the capital building and an instant later, BOOM! That completely made the movie, without that death ray, there would be no storyline.

     As we wrap up this critic’s view, I’d just like to praise the storyline briefly, and I say briefly because I don’t want to ruin the movie for you. There were so many twists and unexpected things going on that it made the extended time seem nonexistent. The main praise here really comes down to the fact that the storyline is so life like that it could really happen, and that’s what makes this movie so good.

      Well, that’s all for now. But just remember, don’t judge a movie by its trailer, it will often deceive you. Try something new every once and a while, you never know, you may find something you enjoy.



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