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Top Four Hollywood Mystery Movies

My personal reviews about top four Hollywood mystery and crime movies.

Hollywood first movie about mystery and crime was released in 1904 “The Great Train Robbery”, after the success of this great movie, there begins a race of crime and mystery movies in Hollywood. When I come to mystery and crime films Hollywood stands with a huge list of such movies. So I select IMDB to watch high rating mystery movies available on Internet. Here I am going to share some of my top favorite mystery movies.

  1. The Prestige
    This movie is about two magicians. At start both are good buddies, but they become worst enemies due to a mistake of one friend which caused the death of others wife.
  2. The Illusionist
    A magician falls in love for the princess of his own territory. The beautiful princess is engaged with the son of their king. The magician puts a fantastic trap to get her love back.
  3. Seven
    This movie was directed by David Finisher in which two homicide detectives made a great plan to trap a serial killer.
  4. Righteous Kill
    Two detectives of New York Police department work hard to get all possible connections with a serial killer and innocent victims, including young kids and girls.
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