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The Librarian: A Review

Flynn Carsen is looking for a job. A letter mysteriously appears summoning him to become the librarian.

Flynn Carsen is a full time college student who has accumulated 22 scholastic degrees. He still lives with his mother who keeps prodding him to get married.

He’s never had a true job before, until one day, a magical envelope is tucked inside his bookshelf by his mother. The letter requested him to go to an interview to become a librarian.

As he lands the job, he is not fully aware of what lay ahead of him. One piece of the Spear of Destiny gets stolen from the library, and it is up to him to save the world!

Using his knowledge of language, he breaks the code of the language of the birds. It would take a normal person a very long time to do it, but he did it in a short amount of time.

In the process of saving the world, he meets Sonya Walger, the keeper of the librarian. In this movie, three goals are met. Flynn gets a job, saves the world, and meets the girl of his dreams. It is a typical happy ending movie!

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