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Why Hollywood is Better Than Bollywood.?

The article is about a comparative study on Hollywood vs bollywood, In reference to which gives more productive results.

Over the years hollywood is giving more and more beautiful movies and also bollywood(Indian Movie Industry) but still the hollywood movies are getting more and more popularity than bollywood WHY ?

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Bollywood manufactures the largest number of movies yearly, even more than hollywood. But the quality of the movies is not up to the mark, it is justifiable in saying that hollywood makes less movies but almost are best in their class but the class of movies made here in bollywood is really very very substandard. Most of the movies made in bollywood are B graded or even worse C graded. This shows the quality of movies. It is also true that movies are also known by their popularity, There are many stars in Bollywood whose popularity are the least requirement for a movie to become a huge success or precisely a HIT. Those stars are Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Salman Khan, Amitabh Bacchan, Akshay Kumar and many more are there in this list.

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These stars are like the pillars of the Bollywood or we can say they make bollywood.

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Though their popularity can be seen only by one example of the movie “MY NAME IS KHAN” which created a great problems for Shah Rukh Khan but because he is SRK of INDIA the whole INDIA came to support him and also the movie was a huge hit worldwide.

But the question is why the Hollywood movies are very popular, because of many reasons 

Firstly they do not copy anything from anywhere, they just make their own ideas and implement those ideas into movies that comes out to be a great fruit of creative thinking and  great efforts, Whereas in bollywood everything is copied except love stories and yes there are some exceptional cases. Bollywood copies most of their movie themes from hollywood.

Secondly hollywood spends more money on great effects and graphic processes of the movie, like one just cannot imagine a movie like harry porter, inception, residential evil and many more in bollywood because they are a great blend of creative thinking and efforts. 

Well but there will come a time when the quaity of movies made in Bollywood will be equal or far far more better than the movies made in hollywood. Many Indian Corporations are putting relentless efforts in giving high quality movies to the world like Red chillies entertainment, pritish nandy communications, yashraj films and many more. Lets hope to get the best in future.

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  1. Girish Kumar
    Posted March 28, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    This article is written by someone who has not seen anything beyond Hollywood ala Sarah Palin, whose worldview was akin to seeing Russian coastline from Alaska on a clear day. Who said Hollywood does not cheat, lift, plagiarise? It looks like you have to do a lot of research before you can come up with something as frivolous and as ignorant rant as this article.

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