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Phantom of The Opera: Musical

On Oct. 3, I saw the most beautiful play in the world. It was worth the three hour drive to St. Louis.

     When I arrived in St. Louis to see the Phantom of the Operain the Fox Theatre, I was thrilled!!! The Fox Theatre was so beautiful and humongous. I became light-headed from staring at the ceiling too long (the ceiling has mirrors and paintings!). I had a difficult time finding my seat, but it was SO COOL!!!

     The Fox Theatre also has a souvenir stand where you can purchase items that have to deal with Phantom of the Opera. I bought a T-shirt with the Phantom’s mask and a rose on the front of it. It GLOWS in the dark and it only cost me $25. I thought the shirts would cost like $50 – $100, so I was excited knowing the fact that I could by something that would remind of the play.

     The play started off with the year 1911 at an auction. The old Raoul de Chagny bought some items, but then bought the Phantom’s monkey box. Then, the auctioneer started to talk about the chandelier that use to hang in the opera house and said that it might summon The Phantom. He tells some men to remove the cover that is covering the chandelier, when suddenly there is a blue flash! Music starts to play and takes us back to 1881 where Carlotta is singing Hannibal. She then starts singing “Think of Me” for the new opera owners. A curtain falls on her and Meg Giry convinces Christine, who is shy at first, to sing for the owners. She does and she does sing very well. Christine is taken by the Phantom that night. It is amazing how the boat moves on stage! It must be controlled by a remote or something. And the fog coming from the mirror is just rolling off the stage into the audience in front! Anyways, they enter the Phantom’s lair and Christine tears off his mask. He is furious and takes her back to the owners. The Phantom’s new production Il Mutois sung by Carlotta, even though the Phantom wanted Christine to sing. Carlotta croaks as the Phantom said she would and then the Phantom kills Joseph Buquet. It was cool because you can actually see Joseph hanging! Christine takes Raoul up to the roof and tells him about the Phantom, not knowing that he is hanging on an angel statue, listening to their conversation. They leave after a romantic moment and then we have a 20 minute break to stretch our legs before the second act starts. My friends started to leave, thinking that the whole show was over. Lucky I was there or they would have missed the second act. The Masquerade start and everyone is having a great time until the Phantom comes. He snatches Christine’s engagement ring and suddenly disappears! First, there is a blue flash and he is suddenly on top of the stair case. We are now at the cemetery and the Phantom is at the top of Christine’s father’s grave, trying to seduce Christine. Raoul comes in and the Phantom starts throwing these yellow spots that look like fire. The play leads to the Phantom’s production of Don Juan. Christine starts singing and the Phantom starts singing along with her. Christine takes off the Phantom’s mask and reveals his face to the audience. I didn’t get a good look at his face because I was sitting up so high. He takes her back down to his lair and then Raoul comes in to save Christine. The Phantom wraps his “Magical Lasso” around Raoul’s neck and gives Christine the choice of being with Raoul or with him. Christine kisses the Phantom and he breaks down. He lets them go and walks to his big chair. He covers himself with his cape and when the people arrive at his lair, they pull the cape off the chair, and he is gone! All that’s left is his mask. And that’s about it. Believe me, this is totally worth the three hour drive it took to get to St. Louis. Plus the three traffic jams our bus was stuck in. YOU REALLY NEED TO SEE IT!!!!!

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  1. Posted October 8, 2009 at 8:04 am

    It was SOOOO awesome!!! =)

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