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Vampire’s Live Free Account……..

Vampire live account, storm eight games, FREE.

  Vampire’s live free account. I am giving away My Vampire’s live account away, I have really just gotten bored with it and I dont want to uninstall it, ( waste of all my time and effort) sooooo….. I am going to give my storm 8 id and password to 1, YES 1 LUCKY person. Their is a rule to this though, Comment the best joke in the comment box and what joke I like best will get my FREE Vampire’s live account, Crazy???? not at all, I got way to much time invested in this game. My level is 200, and let me tell you the money my account generates an hour, well , you are going to be amazed. Im ready, are YOU ready?????? now GIMMIE YOUR BEST JOKE… Oh and GOOD LUCK, MAY THE BEST JOKE WIN….

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