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The Wicker Tree Excites: As Full Frightfest 2011 Film List is Released

A look at the movies at this years Frightfest.

Well it’s that time of the year again, the big announcement of the movies to be screened at this years Frightfest.

Each year the festival dominates London’s Leicester Square as thousands of horror movie fans take over town. Now in it’s twelfth year the festival is the UK’s only real horror event.

So let me not hark on about history, here is a brief rundown of this years movies:-

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark: Guillermo Del Toro directs Katie Holmes and Guy Pierce in this spooky tale of a family moving to a new house where the daughter discovers that creatures living there want to claim her as one of their own. Guillermo will be turning up to host the festivals opening film.

Final Destination 5: More of the same from the FD franchise, this time a group of guys cross a rope-bridge.

The Theatre Bizarre: Anthology movie starring Tom Savina, and Elisa Dowling, as well as horror legend Catriona MacColl.

Rogue River: Bill Moseley stars as the bad guy (Surprise! Surprise!) in this revenge thriller, with a family angle.

The Holding: A tense thriller set in a remote part of the English lake district.

Urban Explorers: I cannot find anything on this as yet.

The Glass Man: Chilling drama about a man juggling with financial crisis, when one night a debt collector arrives presenting him with an offer he cannot refuse.

Troll Hunter: A group of students investigating the gritty killing of a number of people by a killer bear, while investigating they encounter a mysterious hunter who declares himself to be a troll hunter.

Tucker And Dale VS Evil: A couple of rednecks vacationing in their mountain cabin are attacked by a group of  college kids.

Vile: No information on this yet.

The Wicker Tree: Originally to be called The Cowboys Of Christ, this is director Robin Hardy’s “re-imagining” of 1973’s The Wicker Man.

Panic Button: The nasty side effects of posting your life’s journey on-line.

Fright Night 3D: Remake of the classic 80’s horror romp in which a kid discovers his next door neighbour is a vampire. Stars Colin Farrell and David Tennant.

Chillerama: Chillerama is an anthology of horror comedy tales by some of America’s most cutting edge directors. Segments include a story about Werebear and The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein.

The Divide: The director of Frontier(s) returns with a chilling end of the world drama.

The Innkeepers: Ti West director of House Of The Devil brings the tale of two employees working at a haunted hotel, as it prepares to go out of business.

Saint / Sint: The sort of movie to really scare kids, Saint Nicholas heads on a killing spree on December the 5th, instead of giving to the kids, he literally takes everything from them.

Kill List: A film that is said to hark back to a earlier time, a dinner party that starts uncomfortably, ends nastily. Much of the movie is a secret, in more ways than one.

Detention: The killer from a slasher movie, terrifies a group of kids in their final year of high school.

Deadheads: Comedy horror road movie, about zombies. 

Guinea Pigs: Former Mr Price, Alex Reid stars in this story of an experimental drug program that goes dangerously wrong.

Sennentuntschi: Curse Of The Alps:  A Mesmerising and realistic,  beautiful Swedish movie that shows the locations you don’t normally see, while bring a haunted and twisted tale.

Inbred: Creepy horror/comedy about a group of inmates out on a repay back the community weekend, find themselves besieged by a group of inbred locals, and fighting for their lives.

A Horrible Way To Die: A girl on the run from her murderous ex-boyfriends attempt to start a brand new life goes scarily wrong.

The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry: A documentary looking at the life of actor/director Paul Naschy, whose input in Spanish horror cinema can never be forgotten.

Midnight Son: Hauntingly disturbing vampire movie, that has a breathtakingly unforgettable final scene.

Rabies: Israeli horror movie about a brother and sister who’s escape from home takes them to a nature reserve monitored by a psychopathic killer.

Blood Runs Cold: An artist looking for a stress free break goes to an old deserted house in a quiet town, only to discover the house is not as empty as she thought.

Stormhouse: Military drama in which an army base holds a entity captive, but it seems it wanted to be captured so it can play.

Kidnapped/Secuestrados: Spanish siege drama in which a group of crooks raid a home in a secure complex, only to discover the captives are more dangerous than they expected.

Atrocious: Mexican camera movie in which a film crew finds a footage of a family life up to their deaths, and edits it into a movie.

My Sucky Teen Movie: 17 year old Emily Hagins directs this movie that pokes fun at the vampire genre.

The Caller: A divorcee receives strange phone-calls from an unknown call claiming to be from the past, when the woman stops taking calls, the caller takes drastic steps.

The Devil’s Business: No information on this yet.

The Woman: Lucky McGee’s horror romp about a lawyer who attempts to civilize the last survivor of a murderous clan, with dramatic effects for his own family.

A Lonely Place To Die: Melissa George heads up the cast in this drama about a group hiking in the Scottish highlands’, who discover a young Serbian girl buried in a chamber. Freeing the girl, they find themselves in a dangerous place as the kidnappers return, and want satisfaction.  Receiving a preview recently in London, the film has been rated at IMDB, and at the time of writing the score is an impressive 9.7/10.

Ticket prices are as follows:-

Weekend passes £160,

Day Passes are: Thursday £25, Friday £50, Saturday and Sunday £48 per day, Monday £42. Tickets go on sale tomorrow 2nd of July, and individual film tickets are available from 1st of August priced £11 per movie.

I will be covering the entire event for a number of websites as usual, so if you cant be there hopefully I will give you the general feel.

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