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The Possession Movie Review

It is kind of hard to change up an exorcism story and give it too many different twists and fresh story lines. Not perfect exorcism movie, but will satisfy you nonetheless if you’ve not seen the classics from the yesteryears. For now, this one will just have to do.

In all honestly, there were some moments in this movie that made me want to laugh out loud. However, most times, I was just too afraid that I might be possessed. Then it wouldn’t be a laughing matter.

The Possession has its creepy moments and some pretty hilarious ones too. But you wouldn’t dare laugh knowing the nature of this movie.

It’s the latest headbanging style, can’t you tell?

It makes you wonder why the folks in Hollywood keep coming up with movies of the same story lines such as this, over and over again. They are so recycled, but still movie makers seem to want to flog this dead horse.

Having said that, The Possession does have a few elements that give it a ‘fresh’ edge and that’s the only thing that keeps a horror enthusiast such as myself interested.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is no stranger to the horror genre, having played a ‘ghost’ himself in some sappy TV drama I shall not name, plays a father to two young girls.

He’s one of those typical dads who has less time for his family and more time for the team he coaches basketball for. Divorced for over a year now, he moves into a new house in the suburbia, attempting to re-connect with his girls whom he sees only during the weekends.

At a yard sale, his younger daughter Emily (No, not Emily Rose), sees an ancient box with strange engraving on it and soon becomes extremely attached to it. Of course unknowing to her and her family, the box contains a malicious ancient spirit that unleashes a series of horrors that no one can imagine.

Natasha Calis is certainly no Jennifer Carpenter, and given her short career in TV land so far it’s probably no surprise that she wasn’t as convincing as those who were previously ‘possessed,’ (Linda Blair and the above mentioned Carpenter). Having said that though, you still feel empathy for this little girl and her family.

Perhaps more twisting of limbs and turning of eye balls were needed to make this for a greater enjoyment of cinematic thrill!

The Possession might not be the best exorcism movie out there, yet it somehow manages to capture certain elements perfectly on camera that is enough to creep a horror movie goer out, whether they admit it or not.

Personally, it’s the first few lines in the opening scene that crept the heck out of me. ‘This is based on a true story.’ And that’s going to follow me everywhere I go now.

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