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Scary New Trailer of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

Horror Movies.

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Halloween is coming, and that means the peak season for horror movies is about to arrive. There’s Paranormal Activity 4, and now, another Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie: 

Looks like 3D movies are selling like pancakes. What do you think will happen in this one? Do you think the 3D effects will raise the scare? The coffin scene at the end of the trailer looks sweet. The beginning looks typical though -A group of young people moving into a new place, then bam! Chainsaw guy comes in and attacks them with brutality. Expect this to be bloody, but not as gruesome as The Human Centipede films. This is going to be exciting to a lot of people, especially horror fanatics. It seems that Paranormal Activity 4 is going to get a higher score in Rotten Tomatoes though. 

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