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Preview of The 2010 Film Four Frightfest

Brief overview of the upcoming 2010 horror movie festival.

Frightfest is the premier British horror movie festival, over the last eleven years it has grown in intensity and size. In 2009 it moved from its more intimate surroundings to the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square for a mammoth five day event making it the biggest event yet.


2010’s Frightfest (the eleventh) has a major coup in the fact that it is paying a massive homage to director Tobe Hooper who’s movies include Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist. As well as a big screen showing of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, there is a special ultra rare screening of his 1969 movie Eggshells. But it does not end there, as part of an event to be known as Total Icon, Tobe Hooper will himself be appearing for a Q & A session, his first UK appearance in 18 years.

Frightfest is an extraordinary event that features high profile guests, but also a large collection of surprises also. Each movie generally is followed by a interview with people involved with the movie the organisers have just shown. But the neat aspect is that you just do not know who you are going to meet. Despite being a large scale event it also gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the biggest names in the horror industry.

Other highlights for 2010 include the world Premier of Adam Green’s Hatchet II, a much awaited slasher, horror, comedy sequel. Ever at the cutting edge of alternative and disturbing horror the movie Primal is an Ozploitation movie that is reported to be the ultimate in cutting edge. Dead Cert is likely to be a bizarre offering as it comes equipped with some of the biggest male actors in British Cinema, however the cast include Danny Dyer are all known for their questional movie choices.

Friday the 27th August (Day two) begings with Tobe Hoopers Eggshells, described as a cross between Fantasia and Andy Warholes Trash, this experimental movie also is said to be comparable on some levels to Eraserhead. Following up Eggshells is one of the most notorious horror movies ever made, a move that made the UK’s video nasty list, Tobe Hoopers Texas Chainsaw Massacre who will be on stage straight after for an interview. Isle Of Dogs is a much awaited gangster horror movie that is receiving its World Premier, and one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the festival. It’s a bad day at school in the movie F, which sees a series of grizzly killings after the final bell of the day rings. True Blood star Ryan Kwanten stars in Red Hill a movie about a highly strung cop moving to a small farming community where he is forced to take the law into his own hands.

Cover of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre [Blu-ray]

Saturday 28th begins with a special preview of Cherry Tree Lane the latest hack and slash from Cottage director Paul Andrew Williams. Revenge is on the cards with the UK premier of Tortured, a movie that put grieving parents in a situation most parents could only dream about when the killer of their child is put into their hands after a freak accident. 13 Hrs receives its world premier, visiting a money trap house which gets a very disturbing visitor. The original was one of the most notorious video nasties of all time, now I Spit On Your Grave receives the European premier; a young woman raped by a gang of thugs seeks the ultimate revenge. Total Film magazine sponsor the special preview of Monsters, a two handed road movie made on a minute budget but with outstanding special effects.

On Sunday the 29th August it’s the UK premier of controversial director Gregg Araki’s Kaboom of movie that puts this indie director back on familiar and some say incredibly f***ed up ground. A Serbian Film is one of the most controversial horror movies you’ll hear about in 2010, and it receives its UK premier promising to be an experience that you will never forget.

Monday the 30th begins with a new Marc Morris/Jake West documentary looking at the Video Nasty era. The Dead is a gripping horror movie (apparently) set in the wastelands of Africa. Eli Roth, the man behind the Hostel movies produced the movie The Last Exorcism which is the closing movie of the Festival, and promises the most frightening depiction of exorcism ever seen on screen.

The features listed are going to be my personal highlights, and I’ll be reporting back on a daily basis throughout the festival I should also add the following movies are to be featured:-

Alien Vs Ninja

Dream Home

The Pack

We Are Who We Are

The Loved Ones


Red, White & Blue


Christopher Roth




The Clinic



Burning Bright

Higanjima: Escape From Vampire Island

As well as daily highlights I will also provide in depth reviews of each of the movies.

See you back here at the end of August. 

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