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Lake Placid/python


Lake Placid and Python are both horror suspense type of movies. Both have to do with creatures who are determined they will outwit the people who are trying to get rid of them.
Lake Placid is starts out with a guy scuba diving and gets attacked and killed by something in the water.
Jack ( Bill Pullman) a fish warden and Hector ( Oliver Platt) a crocodile specialist, go diving in the water to see if they can find out what is out there. While they are in a boat the creature pulls them but they cut the anchor so they don’t get dragged away, and they find out it is a crocodile.
Kelly ( Bridget Fonda) who likes Jack is out with them and sees what happens is upset. The Crododile ends up coming on land and they will have to fight a huge crocodile who is intent on winnning.

Python is a movie about a giant snake ( hence the name).
A huge snakes attacks a plane and the plane crashes giving the phython a new feeding ground, thehe people in a small town.
Dr. Anton Rudolph (Englund) who is a scientist and knows about snakes is called to give his help on the situation.
What I though about both of these movies

Both Lake Placid and Python are good movies with some good actors. I would recommend both of these movies to anyone looking to watch good suspense movies with a few scares. They are both about creatures that we don’t like in real life making it more interesting. Snake and Crocodiles munching on people and trying to kill the creatures before they can kill too many people.
Neither of these movies is good for younger kids but ok for older kids if they don’t scare to easily.
I would give both these movies a rating of ten out of ten and would recommend buying or renting if you had the chance.
The creatures are good enough in both movies to believe they are real.
They will both keep you interested from the beginning to the end and there are a few surprises in both even if you are able to figure out some of what is going to happen ( because you know they are going to kill people ) before it does. Great movie with good story lines and interest factor if you like these types of movie. I know I did.

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