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How Many Actors Played Michael Myers in The Halloween Movies?

There have been 10 Halloween movies so far, with Michael Myers appearing in nine of them. That’s a lot of actors to play one character.

Pale-masked Michael Myers has been the silent serial killer in 9 of the 10 Halloween movies. Halloween III: Season of the Witchis the only film in the series so far not to feature Myers, and that’s because that particular movie was not part of any continuity of the other movies in this horror series.

But just how many actors have portrayed Michael Myers? Let’s break it down by movie.

Halloween (1978)

For many horror movie buffs, this John Carpenterfilm is the best slasher flick of all time. And it’s no easy task to argue against this. Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, the movie has so many things that were original in 1978, but since have become to be staple tropes of the slasher movie genre. Teens doing drugs, having sex, with a killer out to get them. A babysitter at home alone (except for the kids she’s babysitting, of course). Creepy music. It’s all right there. And who could forget the creepy killer that was Michael Myers? A young Michael Myers was portrayed by Will Sandin, but it was really the older killer, played by Tony Moran and Nick Castle, who kept you up all night after watching the film.

Halloween II (1981)

This sequel continues the night of terror that began in the original movie. Michael is at it again, chasing after and trying to kill the young Laurie Strode who is still played by Jamie Lee Curtis. Tony Moran makes a brief appearance in some archive footage at the beginning of this film, but stuntman Dick Warlock takes over as our masked killer, portraying Michael as he rampages through a hospital after Strode. At the end of this movie, it appeared Michael Myers had been killed. But we know better.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

After not appearing in Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Michael Myers is back. Myers survived the events ending Halloween II, but apparently the Laurie Strode character has been killed in an automobile accident. Figures, doesn’t it? Poor Laurie survives a deranged killer in two films, then she’s killed in an car crash. Well, Laurie apparently left behind a young daughter, Jamie. And Michael has found out and is now on the hunt for Jamie. A bunch more people get killed along the way and Michael once more is eventually killed. But not really, of course, because there has to be more Halloween movies. So, who had the honor of portraying our killer in this movie? George P. Wilbur, one of only two actors who have portrayed Michael Myers in more than one film.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

Yes, Michael is back. And he’s still after poor little Jamie. This time our murderer is played by stuntman Don Shanks as George P. Wilbur supposedly was not interested in the role. At the end of this film, Michael isn’t killed. Instead, he’s imprisoned but soon broken out by a mysterious stranger.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

This might be the most controversial of all the Halloween movies, but not because of any gore or bloody scenes. What has upset some fans of the series (and, to be fair, has pleased others), is that a mystical background of sorts is given to Michael Myers. Here it i discovered Michael has upon him the fabled “Curse of Thorn” which means he must slaughter his entire family to save the world from a demon. Or something like that. In my opinion, the whole plot line was confusing and silly. But that’s just me. Still, who was Michael in this film? It was George P. Wilbur. Apparently Wilbur got over whatever caused him to turn down the Myers role in Halloween 5, and here he’s behind the white mask once more. As for the “Curse of Thorn,” this plotline would be ignored by the rest of the movies in the series.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)

This film brought back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode. It seems Strode hadn’t been killed, but was just in hiding from Michael. But oops! Michael has found her once more and he’s on the prowl to kill his sister. At yet again, Michael is apparently killed in he end. Chris Durand was the lucky stuntman who was Michael Myers for this movie.

Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Michael is back. Laurie is back. But not for long. Michael finally kills off his sister in this movie. But what’s a killer to do after he’s wiped out his family? He goes home. Only to find some twentysomethings are there shooting an Internet show. He kills a bunch of them. Then he’s apparently killed by electricity and fire. Michael Myers is finally dead. And it was stuntman Brad Loree who got to portray Michael in his last appearance of the original continuity.

Halloween (2007)

Director and musician Rob Zombiestarted things all over again with this remake of the original John Carpenter classic movie. The plot here is basically the same as the original, though more of Michael Myers’ background is show early in the movie. Daeg Faerch portrays a 10-year-old Michael and Tyler Mane got to play the masked Michael we all know and fear.

Halloween II (2009)

Another remake, this one of the Halloween II flick from 1981. Tyler Mane returns once more as Michael Myers, making him only the second actor after George P. Wilbur to be Myers in more than one movie. Also, Chase Wright Vanek portrays a young Michael in flashback scenes.

The final count?

By my count, 11 actors have portrayed mass killer Michael Myers. Another Halloween movie is supposedly in the works, but director Rob Zombie has bowed out of taking part in the next one. But who knows? Maybe there will be more Halloween movies, maybe not. Maybe Rob Zombie will return, maybe not. My guess? Eventually, though it might take a few years, Michael Myers will stalk he silver screen once again.

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