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Halloween: 30 Days of Horror Movies – Twenty Five

My horror movie recommendations include two versions of the same tale, some lethal seaside zombies, and a tale of human sacrifice.

Messiah Of Evil AKA Dead People (1973)

Beneath is hippy message of drugs and free love Messiah Of Evil is a zombie tale that has menace emanating from every pore.

A young woman travels to a small coastal town looking for her missing artist father, she encounters menace from the minute she arrives, but luckily falls into friendship with some free-loving hippies, but is it luck or something she wished she’d never done.

Messiah Of Evil is one of those films that despite its flaws gets into your head and won’t let you forget it, considering its age its bloody, violent, and a movie you will never forget.

Defining Moment

The zombies turn on a girl that to this point you considered might have been safe.


Last House On The Left (1972)

It has some of the worst acting in a movie yet, Wes Craven’s 1972 shocker is a popular draw to millions of new viewers each year.

On her birthday Mari Collingwood and her friend head out of the country into the city to see a band, in an attempt to score some drugs they fall into the company of thug Krug, who with his clan rape and humiliate the girls over a 24 hour period before boring of them and killing them both, but its here that the movie begins.

Last House On The Left is pretty near the knuckle stuff, its sad, harrowing viewing that says a lot about the sort of people that are out there, and that horror is more than just creepy monsters, the real horror lies in reality.

Defining Moment

Krug and Co end up at a familiar address.


Last House On The Left (2009)

I’m sure some horror aficionados will have me tarred and feathered for daring to include this entry. Personally however with some minor teething glitches I actually think that this remake is better than the original. The acting better, the violence a little bit more gritty and realistic, and the emphasis on the innocence of the main victim much more heartbreaking for the viewer. The story is essentially the same from start to finish, its just a much more polished article.

Defining Moment

The worried couple realise who they have let into their home.


Children Of The Corn (1984)

From the Stephen King short novel Children Of The Corn is a finely polished piece of horror film making. Opening with what looks like a regular morning in a small town, the children suddenly for no reason turn on the adults, quickly and efficiently they wipe out the entire adult population of Gatlin in a heartbeat.

What follows is a terrible tale of human sacrifice for those children that reach a certain age.

I remember the first time I saw the movie how brilliant I thought it was, definitely ahead of its time; while it never gave me any scares I know it has scared others, it’s a brilliant brutal movie.

Defining Moment

The killings in the very first 3 minutes of the movie.


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