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Frightfest 2011: Trailer Selection Saturday 27th August

Trailer selection for the movies to be featured on day three of this years upcoming horror movie festival.

Day three kicks off with the much anticipated Troll Hunter, a group of film-makers investigating a series of horrific murders stumble across a troll hunter.

The Wicker Tree is a re-imagening of 1973’s Wicker Man. It follows a couple of Christian singers as they are invired to a rural village as part of their celebrations. The couple do not realise however that the village are pagans, and have a very special purpose for their new visitors.Originally to have been titled The Cowboys Of Christ, the film has been in various stages of production since 2005.

Panic Button sees a group of people on the holiday of a lifetime, a prize gained from using a social networking site. But as their trip goes underway they discover that their lives, and those of their families is in terrible danger.

The 6pm movie is Fright Night in 3D, this remake of the classic 80’s comedy horror follows a schoolboy’s adventures as he tries to expose his next door neighbour as a vampire. Turning to Peter Vincent the host of his favourite TV show, things are about to get really scary.

From the twisted minds of Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee, comes this tale of a mans attempt to civilise a primative woman. But in trying to tame her, finds finds his and his families primative side coming to the surface.

No trailer is available for The Woman, however there is this piece of footage, I do not know if it is genuine or set up for publicity.

Previewed at last years Frightfest, this tear sees the European premier of Chillerama, an anthology piece of comedy horror vignettes, with work by Tim Sulliva, Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin, storys include The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein and I Was A Teenage Werebear.

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