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Episode Review of Masters of Horror: John Landis: Family

This was a very entertaining episode and I would rank it higher than many of the horror movies I’ve seen. Read to find out why.

Synopsis: When a married couple moves to a new home (in Wisconsin, judging by the license plates), and the woman soon becomes the object of affection for their next door neighbor; who has a “family” of skeletons from people he’s killed and is looking to replace his wife.

What I liked about this episode: Veteran actor George Wendt was the perfect choice for the role of the neighbor. He managed to put off a creepy vibe even when he was being perfectly friendly to the people around him. And, I have to say, he reminded me quite a bit of some neighbors I’ve had.

I loved how, not only did he have the skeletons, he could hear them talking to him and imagined them as live people. This made some of his conversations with his neighbors pretty entertaining to watch; along with his overactive imagination resulting in him “misunderstanding” what his female neighbor was saying to him.

I was able to figure out one of the twists at the end (involving the deceased little girl). But, I have to admit, I was surprised by the overall ending when the full truth about his new neighbors was finally revealed. That is why I was entertained from beginning to end.

What I didn’t like about this episode: I know there’s was a strict run time on this, but it would have been better if we would have known a little more about Wendt’s character’s past; even if it was a quick flashback to when he killed his “wife.” One of the big questions I had while watching this is why did he move from Los Angeles? Were the police close to catching him? Or did he really just want to move to some place a little quieter?

Final Opinion: This was a very entertaining episode and I would rank it higher than many of the horror movies I’ve seen.

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