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Your Fortune in The Year of The Dragon Air

2012 is Year of the Dragon.

According to the calculation of the lunar calendar (or Lunar Li Yin), the beginning of the year falls on January 23, 2012, but based on the Hsia calendar, the beginning of the year falls on February 4, 2012. Calculations according to the calendar month in tradition and always celebrated, while the calculation based on Hsia not widely known.

Many people want to know whether next year will provide good luck for him or not. To answer this question, must be known in advance, that in Chinese astrology there are five elements (elements), namely metal, water, wood, fire, and soil. This theory is used to explain why someone would be more fortunate than others in greater detail.

Meanwhile, in the calculation Capjie Shio (12 Horoscope), often the calculation is made simple. So, immediately inferred where the zodiac and zodiac good luck whichever is less good luck in the year.

Because the dragon phase (matched) with zodiac Monkey, Rat, and Chicken, so many people say that the third zodiac has a large fortune. On the other hand, the Dragon of the zodiac Dog Chiong brings separation (can be with life, health, property or with a partner).

Chiong small dragon with zodiac Rabbit brought betrayal and heartache. While small Chiong with zodiac Dragon Dragon will bring together law, or making the wrong decision and then regret. Therefore, the two people who have a third horoscope is said to be experiencing misfortune.

Of course, such calculations are too narrow. Such calculations are too generalized phenomenon that occurs, so that the truth has a low probability.

Year of the Dragon this time is the Year of the Dragon Air (Ren Chen). In theory, the Dragon has a content element Land, Timber, and Water. Indeed Dragon is a “storehouse of water”. Because that was taken by the Dragon in 2012, this is the Dragon of Water, the water will overflow immense. If compared, the year 2012 was like a dam burst and water spill out.

Based on their luck at Birth
No-one has ever seen a dragon. In various picture, the people telling creatures like dragons, but never seen in their entirety. There are only seeing the tail and there are those who see only his head. Therefore Dragon year is always interpreted as a mysterious year; hard to guess what will happen this year.

So how do we know the year 2012 (Dragon Air) is to bring good luck or not? The elements of a person has, depending on the time of his birth. By knowing the date of birth, we can predict what elements of the five elements that were most prominent in ourselves.

Here we give guidelines: the abundance of water in 2012, then they are most fortunate are those who need the water element. Conversely, those who are less fortunate is the person who already has a lot of water and extra water, because it causes the luck away from him.

Well, now how do I know if we need water or not? First, of the zodiac (birth year). Those who berunsur fire or abortion, that is her zodiac Snake, Horse, Goat, and the Tigers will be better off. Instead of having water content, namely the zodiac Pig, Rat, and Dragon. Meanwhile, the other zodiac can be said to be neutral.

Second, from the month of birth. Those who are born in the month / Spring (March and April) and month / summer (May, June and July) more luck, because it requires water to compensate. While those who were born in the season where many elements of water, ie November, December, and January, is considered unlucky because it already has many elements of water. In 2012 the abundance of water is to be the year that many obstacles. Meanwhile, calculations based on day / date of birth is rather difficult to put forward here, because it must be converted to the Lunar calendar / Hsia first.

Third, from the hour of birth. Those who are born in the morning and afternoon has elements of Wood and Fire are many. Therefore, in 2012 which contains many elements of water, would be a blessing and sustenance. Conversely, those born at night, between the hours of 21:00 until 03:00 in the morning has many elements of water, so this year for those less fortunate.

By knowing the rules above, then the sooner we can calculate, if we are lucky or unlucky encounter this year Water Dragon. For example, if someone who was born on February 9, 1969 at 12:00′ll get lucky?

The answer is as follows: Chicken in 1969 is the year (according to Hsia Calendar) and in monkeys (according to Lunar Calendar). Good Chicken or shio Monkey is a phase (matching) with the Dragon.

From this was born the year, to be sure there are factors that favor good luck to him. February was the start of Spring, which is the dominant element of Wood. Because Wood requires water to grow, then the people who were born in the spring will have good fortune.

Next, was born at 12:00 hours during the day, when the red-hot sun, making these people in great need of water, to offset the fire held within hours of birth was. So the answer, he will be lucky in this Water Dragon year.

Now you can understand, that the calculation of luck it does not just look at the horoscope (birth year) or the zodiac its course. All the elements are present in a person’s birth data has a factor to be taken into account.

Welcome to welcome Year of the Dragon Air

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