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Why are Gnomes So Popular?

Why do so many people love gnomes? Why are they so popular? Why should you get one? Here’s why!

From cute, fun gnomes that you can sit just about anywhere to gnomes the size of small children, they are cute, popular little garden statues! But why do people love gnomes so much? Gnomes are decorations that are most commonly used in gardens, but some are set indoors also. 

Image via Wikipedia

As seen in the above picture, gnomes can be found in many different poses, some accompanied by animals among other things. Gnomes are considered to be popular due to their cuteness and that they are an easy way to fill an empty space. Today, millions of Americans have garden gnomes. These lawn statues are perfect for any garden setting, but many are found around flowers, such as in the photo below: 

Image via Wikipedia

Gnomes are also sometimes used to brighten up areas that have only seasonal plants or plants that are still growing, making them bland and not very colorful, that is the case below: 

Image via Wikipedia

No matter what kind of gnome you get and no matter where you put it, gnomes are great conversation starters and wonderful pieces to brighten your yard! 

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  1. Tom Foolry
    Posted May 2, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    I’ve always wondered what makes garden gnomes so popular myself, I think that I’ll just have to break down and say that it is one of the mysteries of this unverse! Some of them Are pretty creative, though, and I do have a couple of them hiding in my garden.

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