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Mythical Creatures: Unicorns

The most beautiful mythical creature of all is the unicorn, commonly identified as a white horse with a single horn on its forehead.

They are said to be creatures that represent purity and righteousness.

Research shows that in the past the description of this mythical creature have changed. at first they were said to have had a body of a wild ass which bore the colors white, red and black. Another description highlighted that the creature had a body of a horse with the head of a stag, feet like an elephant, a boar’s tail and a single long black horn.

Yet the description that is wildly used for this famous creature is a magnificent beast with a spiral horn on its forehead which has a Billy goat’s beard, tail like a lion and cloven hooves.

Stories reveal that the only way to capture this creature is to use entrapment using a maiden who is a virgin as bait. One of the reasons these creatures would be capture is because of their horns. Stories tells that a unicorn’s horn can be used for medicine, especially against poisoning.

Still killing a unicorn is said to bring destruction and misery to anyone brave enough to commit the act.

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