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“Eragon / Eragon” is a number on a poor boy of seventeen named Eragon, who lives in a remote village in a world where dragons and elves. Eragon was in the village with his uncle and cousin. The film depicts how a life of poverty and low life becomes Eragon’s life joy, pride and heroism. During the film, Eragon know new friends and to his surprise he finds that he was chosen to be a Rider. Interested in knowing more about the wonderful movie and voluptuous? Read the next review! 


Name: Eragon / Eragon. 
Genre: Action, Thriller. 
Cast: Edward Sflirs, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Gilroy, Robert Carlyle. 
Release Date: December 2006. 
Movie duration: one hour and forty minutes. 
Film language: English. 


The film begins in the forest when Eragon goes hunting for the food home. When he sees the ram is trying to catch him with a bow and arrow, but instead of the deer, the deer disappeared, the arrow hit a tree (which was allegedly behind the deer) and where the deer Eragon finds a blue egg.Eragon thought it might be a special stone and wanted to sell it for meat, but the pace of the city told Eragon that if he catches the king’s forest, the stone must also belong to the king, so the pace has not received the stone that if he’s caught with a rock king is considered a thief. Eragon kept the stone in his hand in absolute secrecy, without his uncle and cousin knew about it. After a while, when his cousin joined the army the king, began to rock from side to side, Eragon thought maybe it was not stone but something else, after many shakes a newly hatched dragon and dragon rider Eragon became. Over time and grew up and started dragon fly, dragon could communicate with Eragon through thoughts (Eragon’s dragon hears and is heard of Eragon). Dragon named Saphira told Eragon and he could call her when he needed it and she now will be in heaven, far away from him. 

Dragon Lady coming from the egg. 

When the king learned that the dragon hatched from an egg, he asked his assistant, the evil sorcerer, named Durza, sending hired assassins to kill Eragon. Eragon was not at home but in the meeting place of some of the village, where you can eat, drink, and tell stories. A man named Brom began to tell once lived among dragons and one day period of dragons and Riders return. Eragon all – so amazed how the man knows so much about dragons and stole his house and saw Slberum has on his desk a book about dragons figure that once the dragons were living among them, in the middle of reading startled Brom startled Eragon and told not to go outside and he did not want to see him more . When Eragon was on the way back home, he noticed that the killers are at the butcher and threatening his life to tell for whom the egg was and pace told she was in Eragon, escapes and rides on Saphira. When they reach the house of Aragon, it turns out that the killers had visited his home and killed his uncle. At the same time Bruce arrived and saw Eragon is a Dragon Rider, and so he decided to help Eragon to avenge the death of his uncle. 

Brom and Eragon in their search for revenge. 

In conclusion, the movie Eragon is one of the most beautiful films and stretching I know. I learned a lot from this film about life in general and I hope you will learn a few things in this wonderful movie. The film grossed over $ 220 million although total spending on the film was $ 100 million. Return to the world the demons and dragons takes you like the sort of time travel, even the beautiful artwork of the film and the plot very impressed, I recommend everyone see this amazing film. If you want to know how the movie ends, very simple – watching it! 

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