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Earn Gold, Gems and More Xp in Dragon City

Here’s the secret on how to level up fast. Earn more gold and free gems to get the lava island, upgrade hatchery or buy the ultra breeding tree.

Despite the responsibilities in life, we need to unwind and relax. Playing is one of the best ways to ease stress. Isn’t it that children love to play? They move so much but never get tired. This is because children invest their energy to something that they love.

Let me share to you an excellent online game application – the dragon city. I am not really fond of games because I am too busy writing and doing more important tasks. However, when my son introduced this game, I can’t help but visit my dragons and play. Unlike other games, it won’t consume much of your time. You can just visit and play for 30 minutes and get back on your spare time.

You need to log on your Facebook account and like the game application. Start building your city by following simple instructions. On the first few levels, you need to breed the basic dragon elements like earth, water, fire and plant. Earn free gems by meeting the goals of the game. You can get 3 free gems every 5 days if you play every day plus another 5 gems bonus every Monday. I suggest that you save your gems because you can use them later to purchase more productive investments like ultra-breeding tree or to upgrade the hatchery.

Build the maximum allowable farms so that you can produce more food to feed your dragons. Grow all dragons to the maximum level to earn more gold. Besides that, it also increases the life points of the dragon giving you greater chances of winning battles in the combat world and in the stadium. By winning battles, you can earn free gems too.

As you reach higher levels, you need to earn more XP to level up. Invest on fire, earth, water and plant boosts. It cost 250,000 gold. You will earn 250,000 XP and it also increases 20% of the dragon’s revenue. You are allowed to grow 4 boosts of each element type on specific level. Upgrade the dragon habitats to maximize the space. Large habitats can accommodate 4 dragons. Don’t forget to build recruitment tavern and dragon market. They give more revenue more than what you expected. Most importantly, convince 5 or more friends to play dragon city. You need friends to open buildings and get free gifts. Don’t ever think of cheating. The application can easily identify cheaters and block them. Some will make Facebook accounts just for this purpose. I have done that and I am telling you it won’t work for long.

When three (3) of your friends accept the job in the recruitment tavern, you can get a free dragon. Choose from dandelion, lantern fish and medieval. You can either hatch or sell these dragons. Continue use the recruitment tavern and sell the eggs for more gold. Medieval dragon costs 200,000 gold while you can only sell dandelion and lantern fish for 100,000 gold.

Buy or upgrade huge farm for 500,000 gold and earn 500,000 XP. This is the fastest way to level up. Use the multi-tool to remove farms and get 50% of your investment. Don’t worry about your loss. For as long as you have fed the dragons to the maximum level plus the boosts around, you can easily earn gold.

On my next article, I will share to you how to breed different dragons. Enjoy playing!

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