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How the Movie “Rudy” Relates to Goal Setting and Mental Health

I compared how the movie “Rudy” relates to goal setting and mental health.

Last week, I have seen the movie “Rudy” and it relates to goal setting and mental health in many ways. It also gives a lot of examples pertaining to mental health. Rudy keeps his mental health healthy by always thinking positive, being drug free and never quitting on his goals. It relates to mental health because this movie gives a lot of positive examples on pertaining a positive mental health like being drug free and thinking positive through tough times. This movie is about Rudy trying to become a student in Notre Dame and then becoming a football player for Notre Dame. There are many obstacles that Rudy has to overcome and he meets a lot of new people and makes new friends along the way. Rudy really never persuaded his dream since his dad wanted him to work at the factory they owned but the life changing event of his best friend, Pete, caused Rudy to persuade his dream of becoming a Notre Dame football player.

At first, Rudy’s goals were obvious. They were to get into Notre Dame but that was a big problem. Rudy never really did good in his past years of school so it was a problem being accepted into Notre Dame. But, Rudy didn’t just give up. He found a school called the Holy Cross and the priest told him that if he got good grades at the Holy Cross, he could have a shot of making it into Notre Dame. His family barely helps Rudy with his goals because his father doesn’t believe he even has a chance of making it into the football team. It hurts his plan because it would have been way easier for Rudy to get help from someone that understands him than to just do it all by himself. Rudy is really motivated to achieve his goals because every time I see him fail at something, he always goes back and tries again no matter what happens. There are many obstacles that get into Rudy’s way and the most bothersome obstacle is to actually get accepted into Notre Dame. But he never gives up because getting into Notre Dame is his number 1 goal. He also has to get past the death of his best friend Pete.

He tries his best at getting into Notre Dame. He was rejected many times but he never gave up. Rudy still thinks about Pete but he managed to get past the death of Pete and continue on with his life. In the end, I think that Rudy has accomplished all his goals. He got into Notre Dame and he made the football team. Even though he didn’t get to play in the big games, I think he was satisfied with just making the team. I think Rudy’s greatest support was the janitor guy who worked in the Notre Dame stadium. He hired Rudy to work in the stadium and that was how he got to know the place better. Another time, the janitor talked Rudy out of quitting the football team he worked so hard for to join. I think that without the janitor, Rudy would have had a really hard time achieving his goals.

This movie relates to real life and this movie has taught me some things about goal setting. First, Rudy taught me that any goal is possible, even though it seems unrealistic and impossible. Another is to keep trying hard to achieve your goals and lastly, it taught me that a lot of people you don’t even know can help you with your goals a lot. The goals I have set for my self are nice and simple compared to Rudy’s and they are just to become a better tennis player and to make the school volleyball team this year. People who could help me with these goals are coaches. They could train me and help me improve much more since they are experienced. Even if people say that these goals are unrealistic, I think that all goals are realistic and if you work hard, all goals are accomplishable. The time span I have set for these goals are that for tennis, I really have a lot of time because it takes time to really develop really good skill at something and for volleyball, I have till this late winter until tryouts start.

Goal setting is really important because it gives you like a hint of what you are going to do later in your life. I think of it as like being able to tell your future. My greatest support for goal setting is my parents because they understand me the most and if they can’t help me, then I will turn to my best friends next. I think that this video relates to the class presentation we had about drugs by saying that even though people who abuses drugs and are left with nothing doesn’t mean that they don’t have goals on what to do. They could have goals on getting better or to stop doing drugs and many other goals. In the end, I thought this was a great movie and it taught me a lot of things on goal setting and how to keep on going to achieve your goals.

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