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Six Movie Series That Fell Apart

A list of six movie series that started out good and then went to trash with the sequels.

Movie series, some are good, like The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and some are bad, like the Tyler Perry movies. The saddest thing to see is when the first movie or movies in a series are good, but their descendants seemingly try to do everything they can to tarnish the images of their ancestors. Here are my top six movie series that started out good/great but then fell to garbage as the series went on. Comments are appreciated, but I did say this is my list so I don’t need seventeen people telling me I’m an idiot for thinking (insert series here) has been ruined by (insert movie title here).


6. Rambo:

I liked Rambo: First Blood. It had Sylvester Stallone before he started juicing like crazy and it did, if a little clumsily, bring a message and a meaning to those who watched it. I am not saying that this movie was a cinematic masterpiece or anything; I am just saying that I enjoyed watching it. Then Rambo: First Blood Part 2 came along and finally Rambo: 3. In these movies Rambo looked like the juicer we now all recognize today and the whole movie was just a one man storm that went through Vietnam, impervious to bullets and with deadeye accuracy from the hip, searching for American POWs. The third installment featured a change of scenery for Rambo as he ends up helping Afghani guerrillas in their fight against the Soviet forces occupying their home. The biggest difference between the second and third installments in the Rambo series, besides scenery, was that Stallone seemed to find himself without a shirt more often in the third movie.

5. Alien:

The first Alien movie by Ridley Scott was the best out of the series, but Aliens by James Cameron was still okay even if it had more of a blockbuster feel to it. Then Alien 3 came out directed by David Fincher. I didn’t really care about any of the characters, especially not any of the prisoners who say that they have taken a vow to be religious and not curse and then halfway through the movie this changes and “fuck” is added to almost every sentence in the script. I didn’t really like how the perspective of the alien let you see where it was, does no one like suspense anymore, and I really didn’t get how Ripley just survived the crash landing at the beginning of the movie while everyone else died(including an android that survived getting ripped in half).

4. Spider Man:

This series was ruined by the third movie where it seemed like they tried to juggle too many of Spider Man’s enemies and dropped all of them. I like quality over quantity and it seemed like the third Spider Man had the completely opposite philosophy behind it.

3. Indiana Jones:

All three of the original Indiana Jones movies were classics and created a plethora of scenes that have been spoofed or stolen in other movies. Then came “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” and ruined the series for me because now I can’t watch any of the other movies without thinking about this one. From the refrigerator scene, to the quadruple agent Indy’s “friend” is I felt terrible just watching this movie. Don’t even get me started on the first scene with the magnetized box and everything that happened with that.

2. Saw

If you have never scene “Saw” and balk at my listing it here, you are proof of my opinion. The first “Saw” had a great concept and one of the best endings to a movie I have ever scene. Unfortunately the sequels are still being made and I can only say I liked the first one. I forced myself to watch “Saw 2” and “Saw 3” because they were both directed by the same man who did “Saw”, but neither held a candle to the first installment. “Saw2” had too many throwbacks to the original and moments that made me just ask why they did that. Like why they went back to the bathroom from the first movie at the end of the second. “Saw 3” was better, but only because of the forgiveness motif, the movie still left me feeling like I was just watching a bunch of people being tortured for no reason. I have not seen the last thousand “Saw” sequels and I don’t plan to as a reliable source has told me they are worse than “Saw 2”. To make everything worse I go on YouTube and find something about “Saw the Final Chapter” and I find out Lawrence was behind everything since the first movie. Anyway, if you haven’t scene the first “Saw” please do yourself a favor and go out and at least rent it.

1. Star Wars:

Do I even have to explain why this got first place? The original “Star Wars” were great. The age old story of a young boy going off on an adventure, a beautiful princess in danger and a dashing pirate and all in space with all the science fiction aspects that brings. Plus you have the emotionally charged lightsaber battle between Luke and Darth Vader at the end of “Return of the Jedi”. Now think of the new trilogy, flat characters, a storyline that directly conflicts with the original and a character that should send chills down the spine of every self respecting Star Wars fan, Jar Jar Binks. Then you can factor in the original trilogy being put on DVD where a lot of stupid extra CGI was added to make it “better” and the whole “Han shot first” disgrace and you have an equation that should make George Lucas ashamed of himself.


Okay well thanks for reading my list please leave comments on what you thought.




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