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On Why Alice Cullen is Awesome – Twilight

Remember the ever energetic Twilight sister Alice? Ashley Greene has played the character really well. Here I show why I think Alice Cullen is a great Twilight character.

Can’t wait to start talking about this cheerful Twilight character:

1.       Alice is kind, caring and sweet. She loves to help Bella all the time and Edward as well.

2.       Alice is loving, lovable. See the smile on her face? It’s 24/7 and does not fade. This makes her really lovable and cute too.

3.       Loves to throw a huge party – be it graduation or Bella’s birthday.

4.       Can see the future.

5.       Alice is fast…. She does not let even Jasper to touch her during the battle training (Twilight Eclipse).

6.       Charlie Swan likes her (pheww, at least he likes a Cullen)!

7.       Is really really funny and throws mature funny dialogues all the time.

8.       Loves baseball. Moreover, she is a wonderful bowler.

9.       Is stylish (come on, no one dressed by her ever looks like an idiot)

10.   Helps Bella and Charlie for the wedding

11.   Plans to leave the house empty for Bella and Edward

12.   Throws mature insults to the werewolves

13.   Is “green”!

Alice Cullen was as awesome in Breaking Dawn as well and her funny dialogues did not fade in this part too!

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  1. Posted March 4, 2012 at 10:55 pm

    Good looking & kind, we all love Alice

  2. Posted March 14, 2012 at 10:29 am

    I’m not a great fan of Twilight. But I think Alice is cute.

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