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Aaliyah Haughton Movie

It is said that an Aaliyah Haughton Movie will be coming soon. Keshia Chante will play as Aaliyah.

Snips by Author

It is said that the singer Keshia Chante will be playing the Late Singer/Actress Aaliyah. It’s about time that they start making a movie about her. She looks a lot like Aaliyah like Jennifer Lopez looked a lot like Selena. I’m sure Keshia will do a great job acting as Aaliyah. She is already a singer so it shouldn’t be hard. Keshia probably can relate to Aaliyah a lot. Like Aaliyah, she is in the entertainment world.

When Aaliyah died I thought, “They’ll never be anyone like her.” Well, Keshia reminds me of Aaliyah so much. Using Keshia to play Aaliyah will probably make us forget that Keshia is Keshia. I’m almost sure that she will look like the splitting image of Aaliyah in the movie. It will be like seeing Aaliyah again one more time. I can’t wait to see the movie.

While we wait for the movie, I would like to share a link of  my memory of Aaliyah with you. It is

My Aaliyah Haughton Story  at Loudio.com.

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