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Katrina Says I Do Not Know

Sallu got the Award,Katrina says I do not know……..



Katrina when it is – then it keep saying that she hides that still  Salman’s best friend, but she even do not know that Salman Khan’s movie  ”Dabangg” got  the best popular film overbearing national award. During a press conference when her overbearing about his same special Salman was asked if the film did not know the very famous film overbearing national award. Her response – I did not know. 

But suddenly she  felt talking to Sallu and then talk to the reach and even then she – overbearing in congratulate the whole team for the award given. Although Katrina that the award is worth his film politics. Katrina took the same press conference also gave a suggestion to arm the National Awards Committee, now a category for item song … That movie should not get the right item Song award in Katrina’s idea to fly … But Sallu will know what you say, what on it, thought it Kaif Ok do not know anyone.



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    Another interesting one.

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