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Biography Films (Biopic) of “Steve Jobs”

Biography of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, will “be a film” by SONY Picture.

SONY Pictures make a big deal with Walter Isaacson, former chairman of CNN and Time Magazine Editor. They agreed to create a ‘biopic’ about Steve Jobs, Apple founder and innovator who died on October 5, 2011.

The Sony has appointed Mark Gordon as producer to handle the project of making this film. Isaacson himself will publish a book about the Jobs biography titled “Steve Jobs” in448 pages 21 November.

This book is based on 40 interviews with Jobs, including 100 by chat conversations with family, colleagues and even competitors Jobs.

Isaacson trusted by Jobs, at which time Jobs was battling cancer, to write his life story. The author served ‘to tell Steve’s childhood’, although he did not share too much about this personal life.

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