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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara-review

A good movie after a long time, the movie will force you to watch it “DOBARA”..:)

15th July, Friday and the much awaited movie directed by Zoya Akhtar has been released. Starring Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, Farhan Akhtar, Katrina Kaif and Kalki, the film has got an outstanding opening. The film consists of all type of emotions experienced by people throughout their life like fun, fights, love, responsibilities, etc. 

If you have the experience of college life, then you will certainly enjoy the movie as the three characters from the beginning to the end keep on performing acts which we perform in colleges. Wait, it does not mean that if you have not been to college, then you won’t enjoy watching the movie. From making fun of teachers to playing word games, everything was relived today.

I enjoyed watching the whole movie, no where in the movie you will find yourself left getting bored. The story is such that keeps the viewers engaged with it. The story revolves around three men and deals with male bonding and certain situations which challenge friendship. Kabir, Arjun and Imraan are the name of the roles played by Abhay, Hrithik and Farhan Akhtar in the movie. The movie is based on these three men who decided to go for a holiday which changes their life forever.

So they decide to go for three week holiday trip where each one of them wants to enjoy their beloved sport to the limit. As it mostly happens in friendship that we have to do certain things we do not like just because our friends want us to do, here also the sport which one of them chooses to play has to be played by the other two also though they dislike the sport completely. The doordarshan tune which these guys played while sitting and drinking together was the scene i loved the most.

You will enjoy the movie for sure, all your tensions will be removed atleast for the time you are watching. A must watch for people who are continously working under stress(that means everyone..:P). So it is movie full of fun and enthusiasm asking us to live life till the last moment.

Critics might rate the movie by giving 3 out of 5 but the I would certainly give it 4/5 and this is what i think the viewers rating will be for the movie. So book your movie tickets fast and go and get rid of your tensions.

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  1. Posted July 15, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    nice review..:))

  2. Posted July 16, 2011 at 3:35 am

    will watch it. Thanks for review

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