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Westerns: Wagon Train

1960’s TV.

 Ward Bond was born in 1903 in Benkelman, Nebraska.  He grew up in Denver.  His father worked in a lumberyard.  He went to the University of Southern California,  got work as an “extra” through a football teammate, John Wayne.  John Ford promoted Bond from an extra to a supporting player in the film SALUTE (1929).

Bond was reported to be an arrogant man with little tact.  He was either loved or hated.  He appeared in hundreds of pictures during his 30-year career.  His character fit into almost any type of film.    During its production, Bond traveled to Dallas, Texas, to attend a football game and died there in his hotel room of a massive heart attack.  The western Wagon Train was one of my favorite shows as a youngster.  


Ward Bond’s most memorable roles included:

 Gentleman Jim    1942

The Maltese Falcon    1941

The Searchers         1956

“Wagon Train”       1957

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