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Three Idiots…. Inspiring Movie

An inspirational movie for those Engineering students.

This movie shows how an Engineering students suffer and How students studying hard just to graduate and to pursue their dreams. The movie elaborates different kind of students,teachers,parents and establishments in our community. Every student has a goal for their lives, to be professionals, to be successful, to be rich and to gain their dreams.

As a student, they understand the risk and the hard to be an Engineer. But sometimes, not all Engineering students want it. Parents wants their daughter/son to choose that field just to fulfill their dreams that didn’t happen and sometimes,for the popularity. Loving your course is the best thing for every students because you can show your best and your willingness to study and to perform.

Loving all the solutions, theorems,applications and reality is the best thing for students.

Dreaming to be an Engineer is a good thing but facing the truth for this field is a the hardest thing….. Pursue to your dreams and goal because once you do it, it will become your happiest and unforgettable moment of your life… :)

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