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The Wizard of Oz Comparison Between Book and Movie

These will tell you the differences in both masterpieces. Enjoy and comment.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the book was first published in 1900.  The basis of the book is a girl named Dorothy and she lives in Kansas. Then a unexpected tornado comes and blows the house away to Munchkin land. Dorothy must find her way home. She meets many friends along the way. These include the scarecrow, tin man, and cowardly lion. Dorothy must find the Wizard of Oz to reach home safely. 39 years later after the book was published the Wizard of Oz movie was created. When watching the movie after reading the book, the people were outraged to see a completely different story line. The differences are as follow;

In the book, the slippers were silver as in the movie they were ruby. In the movie, the fortune teller was never apart of the book. In the book there are two good witches that go by separate names. In the film, there is only 1 that is somehow both.  Also in the book, the descriptive words make this movie almost like a horror movie. There are gruesome and terrible details. For example in the book the scarecrow kills many birds. In the movie, he would never hurt a fly. The ending of the movie also outraged the fans of the early book because they thought they were pillaging it. Also during the end of the book the scarecrow’s head is taken off and the wizard uses a mixture of “needles and pins” for scarecrow’s brain. For the lion he gave the lion a drink that gave him courage, and finally the tin man was drilled and given a red satin heart to put into his tin suit. 

In conclusion I enjoy both the book and the movie. If i had to say which is better the book easily wins. So if you haven’t read the book. If you have viewed both comment which one you like best.

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