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The Masque Screen Protector Film Clear

A simple review on The Masque Screen Protector Film Clear.

Introducing Masque from Splash Products…the most elegant, cost-effective, and convenient way to protect the screen of your coveted device. Masque Screen Protector Film Clear is made from superior quality 3-layer PET film imported from Japan. The film ensures zero-to-minimal bubbles during application, applies easily, and is reusable. The film takes all the abuse and protects your screen from scratches, dust, normal signs of wear. It has just the right level of thickness – not too thin to be ineffective, yet not too thick to impede the touch feature of your device. It allows you to use your device with ease. Apply the Masque to your device and you will forget it’s even there, yet your screen will have the protection it needs.

This screen protector is awesome – it doesn’t feel like you have anything on top of your screen. It feels just thick enough to really provide protection for the screen. I have two little ones who spend hours on my phone and I am thankful to have this protector to keep the scratches at bay. This film was extremely easy to apply, it sots of hugs the screen when applied. Minor bubbles on the edges which I pushed out with the small card that was included. Now I cannot even tell it’s there.

This is a very good protector and comes with the right items for a very easy and simple installation. Very good price for such an extremely clear protector as I have tried other screen protectors that caused the Iphone 4 screen to lose it’s very good resolution. This protector is labeled invisible because once installed, it is invisible. You don’t need to spend twenty, thirty or more dollars to get really good screen protection when splash Masque Screen is availiable.

There you go; you can now feel the need of this protector. So don’t let yourself suffers but give it instead a favor by having this protector. I highly recommend this for you iPhone.

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  1. Posted June 7, 2011 at 12:19 am

    I use a clear screen protector from xo skins. Their stuff doesn’t have the orange peel or rubber feel like the others do.

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