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Strange Characters – Shia Laboeuf and Lars Von Trier Get Together with a Nymphomaniac

A film now in production is creating all kinds of headlines long before it reaches screens. Starring Shia LaBoeuf and directed by Lars von Trier it tells the story of a Nymphomaniac – including sex scenes shot for real.

The film Nymphomaniac brings together a young actor predicted to be the next big A Lister – or the next Charlie Sheen – and a director who has both won awards at Cannes – and been banned from the festival.

They are two characters guaranteed to make sparks fly when they work together. 

Shia Laboeuf is a wild talent who has worked with Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone in Money Never Sleeps. He first hit the TV screens as a Disney star, made the hit Disturbia, and has presented Saturday Live. He first started working as a stand up comedian when he was 10 and says he told filthy jokes.

Laboeuf announced that the sex scenes he will film on Nymphomaniac will be for real. Von Trier will take the film through and beyond the limits of reality.Laboeuf says he’s both excited and intimidated by von Trier. He disclosed there is a notice on the script stating that scenes will be filmed for real. His co–star and partner will be Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of the acclaimed French singer and composer, Serge Gainsbourg.

Lars von Trier is a hero of European cinema who won a Grand Prix at Cannes in 1996 for Breaking the Waves which starred Emily Watson. He has also been praised for making quality porn films, aimed at the female audience. His production house Zeutropa is the first mainstream company to make porn. Writing about his film All About Anna, a critic said “Women like watching other people have sex, what they don’t like is the close-up hammering of body parts. Von Trier is the first director to appreciate this.”

Both Laboeuf and von Trier have exotic family backgrounds. Labouef’s mother, Shayna Saide is Jewish and a ballet dancer while his father Jeffrey is a Vietnam war veteran of French Cajun origin. Von Trier’s mother told him on her deathbed that his real father was a German who had worked for the Danish resistance in the war. She was a Communist, a nudist and a follower of the hippy way of life.  

Von Trier was banned from the Cannes film festival when he tried to make a joke about Hitler. He said he grew up thinking he was Jewish then, when his mother made her deathbed revelation, he discovered he had German origins. Jokingly he told a press conference that he understood Hitler and even sympathised with him. He realised his “joke” was not going well but then made it worse by saying “Yes, I am a Nazi.”

Afterwards he tried to say it was all a joke that had gone wrong – but said he would not be giving any more press conferences.

Meanwhile, Shia LaBoeuf’s girlfriend burst into tears when she discovered the sex scenes would be for real. The build-up has been an event. All we need now is the film! 



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