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Slicethepie Tricks and Tips

Have anybody know pay per review sites? I am going to review one kind of pay per review site.Slicethepie is a site which pay’s for music review..It sounds interesting for many online money makers as music is a good hobby for many and earning money from music is fantastic idea.

What is slicethepie?

Slicethepie is a site which pays for every music review from arists.This is a site where there are we can upload our own track for free and wait for reviews from other scouts.A member can earn money by scouting to the songs in the slicethepie site.Slicethepie site is from United Kingdom and they have a great reputation in music industry and they have sponsored many artists to release the album.

How to earn money from slicethepie?

Earning money from slicethepie is easy as minimum payout is just 5GBZ.. and payment through paypal and they pay within 48 hours which looks fantastic.For every review of track we get pay start from

1 star = 0.04 v

2 star = 0.05 v

3 star =0.06 euro

4 star =0.07 euro

5 star = 0.10 euro

As a 1 star and 2nd star scout we earn only vouchers other than money in the site.These vouchers can be used for investig in artist.We earn real money only when we reach 3rd star with starting 0.06 euro which is a good payment and if continues with 5 star you could earn a good money monthly from scouting in slicethepie.

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  1. Posted March 4, 2012 at 8:21 am

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