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She So Hot But She Cannot Beat Shakira for Sure

She so hot and fair like an angel ….but she cannot beat shakira by her hips moving style .haha.

Hope you all know who i am talking about .Its our favorite all time SEXY HOT KATRINA KAIF!!!.

Well she just turn 26 years now and start act in a more sexy and eye blinking role . that make her more famous and popular around the world . Well if you wanna talk about her : she born in Hong Kong on 16th july 1984 . her father was a Kashmir’s Indian , Mohammad kaif and an English mother Suzanne Turquotte . She started her career at the age of fourteen . her first job was for a for a jewelry campaign . She continue modeling in London Fashion Week . Well it when was her luck BANG!! and she got a chance to act in a Indian Hindi film call BOOM!! directed by Kaizat Gustad . 

After she been troughs to many difficulties of speaking Hindi , she went trough many movie successfully . Her now top movie make more famous with her song called Sheila Ki Jawani from the movie Tees Maar Khan .

All though she move her body and trying to dance like Shakira . She for sure cannot beat Shakira for sure . But well , Kaif is a SMOKING HOT CHICK NOW in the Bollywood film industry . I just want to wish my self one day to have Kaif to kiss on my cheek one day . I wish that could happened to me one day . ha ha . But anyway all the best to you Katrina Kaif !!!. Hope u make more achievement trough your career . God Bless ya.=)

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  2. Posted May 3, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    she is hot in her own right

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