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Review: Grown Ups

I just watched the movie grown ups and im doing a review!

This movie was a great movie to watch with just the family or with a group of adults. It had mild swearing and inappropriate humor. But its probobly the funniest movie i’ve seen and its in my top 5 favorite.

The beginning tells the tale back in time when a young group of boys are on a basketball team and they win the championships. They love there coach and the have a giant dinner afterwards.

Now time speeds up and the group is 30 years ahead into the present day.

They main character is adam sandler and he is very rich living in Beverly hills with his wife and two children.

The kids are spoiled and bratty but when they family goes on a camping trip with there old basketball group everyone seems to get along. At least for a while..

Eventally the team that they lost to back in the day wants a rematch,,,

If they lose this they’ll be humiliated in front of everyone.

Overall rating: 9/10

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