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Preity Zinta Bathroom Mms Scandal

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta Bathroom video clip scandal.

Preity Zinta is the most beautiful and top ranking actress of Indian film industry. She was born on 31 January 1975 in India, Zinta completed her graduation by taking degree in criminal psychology and then moved into Bollywood, her first debut movie was Dil Se in which she plays an important role with Bollywood King, Sharukh Khan. 

Preity Zinta plays so many important and major female roles in so many Bollywood movies. Her role in the film Soldier and Mission Kashmir was nominated for Bollywood Film Fare Awards. There is no doubt that Preity Zinta is more than just a pretty face. Forbes magazine in July 2006 ranked her as the third beautiful actress in the world. Preity Zinta is a big fan of Cricket game and she invested a million rupees on IPL Cricket games last year, but got no luck. 

Now a day Preity Zinta is very popular on the Internet for a video under title Preity Zinta bathroom video scandal. You can see her MMS scandal video on various video sharing websites like Youtube in which Preity Zinta is taking a bath without clothes. But infect she is not Preity Zinta; she is a girl who looks like Preity Zinta.

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