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Outsiders Movie Review

A movie review on the outsiders.

Outsiders Movie Review

                        I am comparing the outsiders novel to the outsiders film. Within the movie there were scenes and characters that I visualized differently. This movie was good and I enjoyed watching it. Although it was good it was not perfect and there were some parts that I disliked. I think that there were some parts that could be improved. But in the end I chose that the book is better then the movie.


I visualized some scenes and characters differently then they were presented in The Outsiders movie. When I read the book I thought of the greasers to be really dirty like they don’t take showers. In my mind Ponyboy’s house was a trailer but it was a two story house. I pictured the hospital to be just a small hospital and in the movie the hospital was huge. This shows that everyone pictures things differently because the people that made the movie pictured it differently then I did. The movie was still good but it was just different from what I pictured it to be.


The Outsiders movie is really good, and I liked it a lot. One reason why I liked it is that it follows the book really well and it doesn’t leave much out. It was acted out really well too, you could feel the emotion coming from the characters unlike some other movies where it is just plain and dull. In the book there are some parts that are kind of hard to understand, for example when Johnny and Ponyboy fall asleep in the empty lot, because it skips from him being awake then dreaming then back awake again really fast. The book kind of jumps around a bit but in the movie you can see how it happens. I would recommend this movie if you wanted to watch a good movie.     


In The Outsiders movie, there were some scenes that I disliked. Sometimes a scene in the movie was good but the music they put with it kind of ruined it. The music at the part where Johnny kills Bob seemed kind of out of place. For the most part the movie followed the book pretty well but there were some scenes that they left out. For example when Randy comes to see Ponyboy when he is sick and when Ponyboy chases off some socs with a bottle. To me the movie seemed kind of rushed like they were trying to get everything done in a short period of time. Sometimes you are disappointed after watching a movie because it may not be the same way you had it in your mind. This movie was good and I wasn’t too disappointed in it.


            Although the movie was good there are some things that could have been improved. The music of some parts in the movie didn’t go with that part. They should have picked some music that goes with the mood of that part. Some of the lines that the characters say are kind of cheesy. In the movie you had to pay close attention because it would go from scene to scene really quickly. If they were going to do a remake of this movie they would have to improve these things.


            I think that The Outsiders makes a better novel thin film. Although the movie was good the book was better. In the book everything is really detailed. It explains about the characters and what they are known for. In the movie you kind of have to figure out all this stuff by yourself just by watching the movie. The book and the movie were really close together but in my mind the book was better then the movie.

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