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No New Matrix Movies

Apparently, there will NOT be a pair of new Matrix movies – at least, not YET!

Two days ago, I got quite excited just like a lot of others when I saw news that was supposedly from a keynote speech given by Keanu Reeves that had revealed that forces were at work to begin on a pair of new Matrix movies. My original story including sources can be found here.

Entertainment Weekly did the fact-checking via a rep for Reeves, and it turns out that the whole thing is untrue.

Wired also spoke with representatives at the Warner Brothers studios and found similar findings.

It appears the only shred of truth in any of the original story was that Warner Brothers is indeed considering a script from the Wachowski brothers which is a futuristic adaptation based on Robin Hood entitled Hood.

I have to admit, while I was optimistic, I had my doubts. The same article also referenced a potential Bill and Ted’s 3, which really should have tipped us off that this was a bad lead, as I think we can all agree that Keanu can’t really pass himself off as Ted any more.

While it’s still possible that the Wachowski brothers will produce a Matrix 4 and beyond, there is currently no credible evidence of such.

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  1. Posted February 8, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    oh, wow. btw the obama article wasn’t wrong if you read it. lol.

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