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Ninja’s are Cool

A review on teh movie “The Warrior”s Way’

So I watched The Warrior’s Way this weekend because… I’m not really sure why I did.  I remember seeing a trailer a LONG time ago for it, and I think the “Ninjas” line from Geoffrey Rush in the trailer was what sealed the deal and made me want to check it out.  But then I somehow forgot about it and it completely slipped my mind.  But I managed to come across it this weekend so I went ahead and tried it out. 

Now first let me say I’m a big fan of Asian culture, I think they do the whole ‘Honor’ thing better than any of us Americans have ever done.  I enjoy their religious belief system and I think that for a civilization they have a lot going for them.  That being said, I understand why film makers seem to have this huge urge to make anything concerning swords, ninjas, samurai or anything that comes close to those aspects of the Asian culture.  So the Western-Ninja crossover was a good idea in my eyes.

So first the fighting, again they did it in the ‘comic book’ style of 300, which is something I really enjoy.  Though I will admit that I was a little surprised to find the EXACT same framing and action from a scene in the movie ’300′, down to where the camera was set up.  But I wont’ hold it against the movie, it was still the best way to portray those fast action moves without giving the viewers vertigo.  Though I wasn’t a fan of how little swordplay there was, most fights involving nothing more than a single sword swing and a dead bad guy.  I would have preferred to see a few good choreographed sword fights I suppose, but maybe that’s just me.  The story was fairly good.  I believe it’s a classic legend from Asian culture, and I liked plopping it down into the Wild West like that.  ADding another villain gave the movie a bit more to work with as well and I thought Danny Huston did a good job as The Colonel.  I also liked the dying frontier town as a setting, the husk of the ferris wheel in the background was a nice touch of foreshadowing.

The acting was okay, to tell you the truth I wasn’t paying attention to most of it.  It’s an action movie, with the stories behind most of the characters being rather transparent.  Certainly they held some weight with the overall story, but on their own they did very little to capture my attention for longer then it took to take a sip of my drink.  Each main character has their own little sordid past with a little blurb about why they are the way there are, and I suppose that’s valuable information which furthers the character development.  I just personally didn’t care about why she was bitter, and he was drunk, and that other guy liked flowers so much.  Don-gun Jang was “meh” in my opinion, but how much acting can you really do when your motive is *stand there and look pensive, and don’t talk much*.  Basically he just mopes around looking like a cool ninja guy who has learned the error of his ways and everyone once in a while has a one syllable line.

In the end I would say to watch the film if you like the ninja concept.  While the fighting wasn’t as good as I would have liked, it was still enjoyable and the ending had a very ‘honorable’ fell to it for me.  It wasn’t a great movie, and the best line from the trailer isn’t even in the film, but all in all I didn’t feel it a total waste of my time.  Also Kate Bosworth is REALLY hot in this film, and for once the hot female character is fairly central to the plot.

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