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News: Child’s Play Remake (2013)

News about the remake of Childs play.

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News: Childs play remake (2013) 

Our favorite serial killer/doll, Chucky is coming back for a remake and so far no progress. In 2006 rumors blast out and kept saying that a new Child’s play movie was suppose to be in the works. Luckily is was a remake. To be honest I thought this was a really good idea because the original people who did the first film are doing this remake, but more importantly Brad Dourif is also the voice of Chucky. And he’s like 63 years old. There’s no further news if he’s playing in human form. Also Don Mancini is directing and writing this remake. The 2 things that is holding this remake is that MGM and Universal Studios were arguing over 5 years for which studio was going to work for the movie, but they chose MGM. Who did the first Child’s Play film and Universal Studios did 2,3,4, and 5. 

The 2nd problem with this remake is that MGM has no plans of making this film. And suppose to be in theaters in 2013. MGM has a handful of remakes that there doing. Before this was even planned out they were planning to do a sequel to the 5th one, but they decided to go back to Chucky’s roots and make it even darker.

Universal Studios are making a video game based on Chucky. There making it for the Xbox 360 and PS3 as a downloadable content. But bad news is that none of the original people who did the movie are not involved what’s so ever. 

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