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Movie Review: Final Destination Five

This is a movie review of the last installment of the Final Destination series, one of the most gore movies ever created!

Final Destination 5 has once again proven why we should never cheat death. 

The last installment of the film is not that different from the rest of the Final Destination series – starting with a vision of death, and ending up being chased by it, which results to heart-pounding scenes and gruesome deaths of the “lucky ones” who have escaped from it.

What I like about this installment is that they have successfully combined comedy, romance and suspense, in a way that only the Final Destination series can. Although I kind of regret not watching it on 3D (I only prefer watching animated films on 3D) because there are some scenes which may look better in 3D especially in the beginning of the movie. 


- I hate the super long introduction of the movie wherein they showed the names of the producers, actors, etc.


- I like how it toyed my mind in trying to predict how each of them will die! It’s way better than the other sequels. Well, of course, this is according to one’s preference. (I still like best the first one though :P )

- The “new rule” also added up the flavor in the movie.

- Great twist for the ending. No need to explain why. Find out for yourself! :>

- Not really included but forgive me, I really find the protagonist HOT :”>

Rating: 4.25 or 4.5/5 (I’ve had seen better from the first installments but the ending of this movie is just so unexpected, that it made me clap inside because it was super unexpected from the film.)

I literally still had the creeps after watching this movie. When I saw the first death, I was like holding to my friend and saying “Why did we watch this again in the first place?!” LOL. As the movie goes deeper, I was trying to say to myself that it would be all over. Only [insert number] of deaths to go! Sorry for being such a scaredy cat :) )))

But seriously, it’s a good watch. I suggest you watch it on 3D instead, so you can really feel how intense the movie is. :)

Note: This post is taken from my own blog (http://herecomesapril.blogspot.com/). Please check it out! :)

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