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Michael Clarke Duncan, Character Actor Former Bodyguard

Michael Clarke Duncan died at the age of 54 due to affection disease. Hollywood grieving. Duncan struggles to access the world of cinema is not easy. The man with 150 pounds of physique weight should be his profession as a worker, canal digger, and even a bodyguard before acceptable an actor.

Duncan lived as a laborer in Chicago before deciding to move to Hollywood. His move to Hollywood did not anon change his life. He did accept witnessed arrant Hollywood, but only behind the scenes alive as a babysitter for celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Will Smith. He again absitively to stop getting bodyguards after one of his audience When one of his clients, the Notorious BIG. dead in 1997.

Duncan agreeably diving role of some baby roles before he got an action in THE GREEN MILE. Role makes the Oscar board glance at it and put it into the ranks of the nominees for Best Supporting Actor in 1999. Unfortunately he has to lose by Michael Caine who aswell played able-bodied in The Cider House Rules.

His role in THE GREEN MILE advancing famous actor. He did not win an Oscar, but a amount of awards such as the Black Reel Award, Broadcast Film Critics Association Award and a Saturn Award success he achieved. He was nominated for a absolute of 9 times back his role.

Following from that astounding role, Duncan began to glance to play in big films like Armageddon. Last role anytime lived in the FROM THE ROUGH movie, a ball based on the life story of Catana Starks, the aboriginal changeable swimming coach who accomplished the university’s men’s golf.

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