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Matt Damon Stars in “The Adjustment Bureau First Romantic Role in Career

Matt Damon first romantic movie.

This coming weekend in cinemas with a few surprises: the Romans finally a chance to see the premiere of the film wider Aurora (submitted in TIFF 9 th edition), you can watch Anthony Hopkins in the role of a priest expert on exorcisms and enjoy the surprise of seeing Matt Damon in the first romantic role in their career.

Matt Damon the Adjustment Bureau

If we look more closely his career, only to find roles that more or less strange – from veteran drug addict Courage Under Fire (for which he lost weight over 15 kilograms), troubled genius in Good Will Hunting, the state Sociopathic Changing of The Talented Mr. Ripley, amnezicul former employee of the Government of the Bourne trilogy of recent melancholic or medium Hereafter. But in all these roles, we find no incurable romantic or a devoted husband (romantic and just really devoted to his wife Luciana, along with 3 girls). It won an Oscar in 1998 together with his good friend Ben Affleck for the screenplay for Good Will Hunting, Damon has managed to make note holders in many roles, but never accepted any flirting with romantic comedy. Even the box-office failures have not discouraged to try their luck in a comedy in which girls are falling one after another at her feet or give you headaches.

Courage Under Fire

Before you become a movie star, Matt was a kid like any other: confident and full of dreams. Born on October 8, 1970 in Cambridge Massachusetts, Damon still faced with the difficulties small a life full of shortcomings. His parents divorced when he and his older brother Kyle were children and their mother, Nancy, have fared as the teacher’s salary that you received. When he was only 10 years friendship with a neighbor two years younger than him – none other than Ben Affleck, who today is her best friend.

Ambitious yarn, Matt has been accepted at prestigious Harvard University, where he studied English Language and Literature for nearly four years, but even last year gave up his studies in the hope that the appearance in Western Geronimo: An American Legend (1993) make him known in Hollywood.

His career took off not because even if the film proved a critical failure, even if she was starring Gene Hackman, Jason Patric, and Robert Duvall, so Matt decided to try something else. Together with his good friend, Ben Affleck, wrote a script about a young math genius, employed as a janitor at the famous university Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – scenario to materialize in 1997 with the successful film version of the movie Good Will Hunting.

jason bourne

While you are trying to sell the script, the dedicated actor, always open to new challenges has made great sacrifice to lose weight 18 kg for his role in Courage Under Fire addicted soldier. Interpretation was delivered in this film to bring him to the attention of filmmakers such as, a year later, Good Will Hunting script would see the light of cinema, under the helm of director Gus Van Sant. The role of mathematical genius in this drama earned him his first Oscar nomination of his career and first obtained the statuette for best screenplay, which he shared with Ben Affleck. Since its beginning, Matt showed his interest in atypical roles, at least strange characters, no way that interpretations of the time they counted as producers are successful at the box office. Naturally in this context refer directly to the romantic roles, completely missing from his career. Even if he came into contact with the female characters with whom he built relationships in small films, the emphasis always fell on the inner drama of the character you play, which was put in situations and interactions with other characters.

Good Will huntinh

In personal life, things are slightly different, Matt was involved in a past relationship with Minnie Driver, his colleague in the Good Will Hunting plateau, then a different relationship with Winona Ryder from 2001-2003, but one that has won Luciana heart was irreparably Baroso, a woman originally from Argentina, who worked as a bartender in a pub near the set of comedy Stuck On You.

Returning to his film career, Matt had a successful period in the years after Good Will Hunting, being distributed in the impressive Steven Spielberg war movie Saving Private Ryan, then the drama The Talented Mr. Ripley, which is another atypical role for which he received a Golden Globes nomination, but to achieve real success in the series along with Ocean’s involvement in the role of the offender’s Linus Caldwell and distribution in the role of amnesiac assassin Bourne trilogy. Of course not everything was milk and honey in Damon’s career, movies like Stuck on You – which was literally stuck by Greg Kinnear (Siamese brothers have played some role), All the Pretty Horses, directed by Billy Bob Thornton and Gerry – the scenario whose contributors were real financial and critical failures. Damon did not give but never discouraged, and fate was always on his side, allowing them to not fall into extreme commercial films that were criticized by experts.

talented mr Ripley

In recent years, Matt continued to keep away from movies with romantic flair, providing benefits well criticized in Invictus, The Informant!, True Grit and most recently – Hereafter, the last film directed by Clint Eastwood. But now that actor 40 years old, with a valuable career back is about to change gears, and to venture into a romantic story in The Adjustment Bureau. Of course, Damon has accepted the role because, besides component romantic movie and less like juggling sf.

The film, based on a novel written in 1954 by Philip K. Dick has faced more problems in the production process, but this weekend will finally be released in theaters in Romania. For the first time since you know Matt Damon, will be witnesses to “crush” his [rx: Emily Blunt. Here is a brief summary of the film:

In a world where the way things are controlled by a group of mysterious men called the agents of destiny, the ambitious and charismatic politician David Norris (Matt Damon) is about to change his fate after he meets and falls for the charming ballerina Elise Sellas, played by Emily Blunt. Doomed from birth to occupy a privileged place in the U.S. Senate, David decides to give up the bright future is guaranteed and is continuing its love affair with Elise, entering a dangerous race that at the Adjustment Bureau agents use their supernatural powers to break it. Interweaving of genre fiction with romance gives birth to a film that offers a choice: accept the imposition of free will or destiny.

matt emily
What man will love this depiction of Damon’s image? I will “adjust” movie star career? Will it turn into a deeper actor or simply give them a chance to unearth his more romantic side?

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