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Life in a Day, The Film is Available on Youtube

Life in a Day, the film is available on YouTube – Life in a Day, YouTube, Ridley Scott, Kevin McDonald.

Life in a Day is the title of a film created in collaboration with many users on YouTube. The popular video platform released this creation directed by Kevin McDonald on 28 October and made it live, for free, for millions of users around the world could follow it live. The thing is that after a few months, YouTube guys have decided to openly share this film more than one hour so that everyone can enjoy it without restrictions. Indeed, Life in a Day is now available for free through his official YouTube page, space that until now has been creating live broadcast and published all relevant videos and trailers, just before the premiere.

Finally we can enjoy this new creation. But do not you know yet what this is? Well, what you have. Life in a Day is a film that was created through YouTube, through an invitation to all users of the world to send a recording of what they wanted. All these films came at the hands of Ridley Scott, producer, and Kevin McDonald, the director. We’re talking a huge amount of 4,500 hours of video that had to be revised, selected and mounted so that the end is a film of 90 minutes, acceptable for a film of normal length.

The titled Life in a Day, in its literal translation into Spanish, and tells how one day in the world for millions of citizens who inhabit the planet. For this reason it was necessary the collaboration of a large representation of people from across the globe. In fact, the work has involved the collaboration of up to 192 nationalities.

Specifically, the authors come from cities like Pontevedra, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Cadiz, Madrid and Seville, so that the national contribution – as you see – it is really substantial. The first images told us what it was like a castle rising human populations typical of the province of Tarragona. However, the contributions are very dense and plural, so it is best to sit at the computer (or TV, of course) with time and with a good bag of popcorn. The creation deserves it. For if you like, we leave you with the complete recording so you wont have to find it. Enjoy!

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