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Kareen Kapor Was Elected The Sexiest Women in Bolywood

Kareena kapoor is one of the top and popular bollywood actresses. Her smile makes her to recognize her dimples.

Kareena Kapoor is bolywood artist who was born September 21, 1980. He was elected as the sexiest women in India. In addition to sexy, Kareena also has a beautiful face and acting is very good. He became famous while playing in the main movie like Dev (2004) and Omkara (2006). This beautiful artist was born in Mumbai. And He is a career in the film world since 2000.

Because it keseksiannya bolywood actor Saif Ali Khan fell in love with him. Her boyfriend was pleased when he saw his girlfriend look sexy. Recently Kareen playing in his new film titled Kambakkht Ishq. And as usual, he appeared with keseksiannya. And it turns out her sexiness Saif always liked it.

As the premiere film screenings, artists who used to be called Bebo is inviting all your friends and family to watch, including her boyfriend Saif. Bebo said that Saif had always liked her sexiness. Even for dinner even Saif asked Bebo to look sexy.

But there are few problems that occur when the shot took place. Film production was conducted in Pune Okayama Friendship Garden, Japan. Community furious because thousands of local residents who usually visit the park is forbidden to enter three days. This park is blocked by a film crew, starring Salman Khan and Kareen Kapoor this. Besides being barred from entering, protests are also done because of damage and debris left by the film crew.

But eventually everything can be run with lancer again. This film also has to be watched by many people.
Babo congratulations on this election.

Good luck …

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