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Joe Pesci’s Art of Cursing

It never ceases to amaze me how entertaining actor Joe Pesci’s cursing is in his films. He’s a scene stealer with his bully mentality.

I’m surely no prude, but I have to admit that I’m not a fan of films where every other word is “f” this or “f” that.  Director Martin Scorsese brings out the very best of his actors, but the dialog in his movies are somewhat limited, to say the least.  He fully utilizes the excessive use of cursing in most of his films. I generally tune it out after the sixth profanity, but there is an exception to the rule.

 Actor  Joe Pesci is often cast as the mobster lunatic or in a comedic role. Regardless of which one, Pesci has the unique ability to perfect cursing into an art form. He could be bashing a gangster’s head in a vise, with his bloody hands, and the audience will most likely be mesmerized by his incessant profanity, not the gore and violence which is obvious to the naked eye.

 Joe Pesci  has countless times, portrayed the guy you love to hate. You don’t need a leading man in a film if you have such a versatile actor in the starring or co-starring role.  His pro bully mentality has the audience begging for more.

 Some of his more memorable sound bytes are as follows;  “What if I was to just kick the ever lovin shit outta you.” “What the f–k is your problem.” “You only exist out here because of me!” “I’m what counts out here.” “I’m doing you a little favor here.  You’re getting me for nothing you little f–k!” “Hey. Be fu-king nice. Don’t f–k up in here.” “The guy could f–k up a cup of coffee.” “It’s either me or them. You’re getting f–ked one way or another.” 

If one would hear any other actor spewing his filthy rhetoric, one would probably be aghast!! That is definitely not the case with Joe Pesci fans.  This behavior is expected when you go to see his films.  In fact, if you don’t hear at least a few foul words out of Pesci’s mouth, one might go away feeling cheated or disillusioned.

  Most good actors have something that stands out. It might be something physical like Paul Newman’s beautiful blue eyes, or such as the case with Pesci, his lovable personality. Nevertheless, it is something that the audience can relate to.

 I hope I didn’t offend anyone by the brutal language of this article. But as Joe Pesci would say, “What do I f–king care!”

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  1. Norma Eitelberg
    Posted September 19, 2011 at 11:26 am

    I loved it. Joe Pesci is soooo funny. He makes cursing into an art form. Great article. Had me laughing a lot.

  2. Sharon
    Posted September 19, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Funny article Jane!
    Joe Pesci is very much underrated as far as I’m concerned. His language is such a part of his persona that I wondered how good he would be in “Home Alone”. I needn’t have worried because he did a great job even without all the cussing!

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