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Joe Becomes a Wizard Part 5.2: The Party Part Three

The aftermath of the party.

Joe sat on Harry Dursleys bed thinking about the events of the past two days. The Dursleys, Potters and Weasleys had decided to move the party to the Dursleys house after the incident, but Joe wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. He just wanted to curl up and hide.

‘Joe you coming down foods ready.’ Mrs Dursleys voice came up the stairs

‘I’m not hungry.’ Joe shouted down.

‘Sitting up there on your own isn’t going to help, come down we’re here for you.’

Joe didn’t really want to face anyone but didn’t want to let Mrs. Dursley down. Getting up he made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen.

‘Grab yourself a plate Joe.’ Mrs Dursley said as he entered the room.

Joe took a plate and had it filled in moments.

‘I thought you weren’t hungry.’

‘I’m not sure what I am at the moment.’ Joe replied.

‘You’re still trying to figure things out?’

‘I guess so.’

‘Why don’t you go and talk to the Potter’s and Weasley’s they’ll be able to help you. O and there was someone looking for you after Mr. Dursley brought you home. He said you’d know who he was.’

‘My father came to the party.’ Joe thought staring at Mrs Dudley with disbelief on his face.

‘You OK Joe?’ Mrs. Dursley saked

‘I’m fine really, that man.’ He said pausing for a moment before continuing ‘he must have been my father.’

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    Thank you for this share; i enjoyed it. I will get to read the other articles concerning this very soon. I have been playing catch up for awhile now due to being busy writing my latest novels, Well done!

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