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Inside Man Film Review (Directed by Spike Lee)

A film about a clever bank robbery.

This film is well worth watching. It is set (mainly) in a single bank in New York and focuses on ‘the perfect bank robbery’ which was planned by Dalton Russel (Clive Owen). The plot is fantastic and you are gripped to the screen right until the very end. Every moment of the film feels complete and the ending really rounds off the film well.
To really follow the ins and outs of this film you need to pay close attention to every word said but this film also works as a film which is reasonably simple to follow as long as you can understand and pay attention to the basic plot.
15 is a fair rating for this film, there is a lot of bad language, sustained threat, and a fair amount of violence. For families, this film is okay providing that the children are mature enough to understand the plot and to cope with the language and violence.
This film was recommended to me by somebody else and upon first hearing about it, I wasn’t that keen on watching it, the film was on television so I decided to record it and watch it. From the start it is just built up as a bank robbery, the plot then widens and the whole film is brought together by a simple but very clever ending. Since recording the film off the television I have watched it 3 times hence deciding to buy the DVD. Please feel free to add me as a friend on Triond and to follow me on Twitter. If you wish to sign up to Triond please Click this link:http://www.triond.com/rw/495795

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