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Hollywood Blue Films

Here find the ultimate and block buster blue films movies of Hollywood ever made.

Blue films from hollywood

Cover of Flesh Gordon

Ok I know what you are searching for!! Actually B grade films known as “blue films” in Asia especially in India! In Hollywood and western world there is no such term like “blue” instead that kind of films known as B films or films.

Here find the list of Hollywood blue films which are all rocks all the box offices and running successfully all over the world

1.       Deep Throat (Released 1972) – directed by Gerard Damiano - Top 10 best adult films all-time list exceeded the film that started “blueo chic” craze in the 70’s, featuring Linda Lovelace’s oral talents in the service of comedic plot, the tone of which is imitated in films for adults in this day.

2.       “New wave hookers” (Released 1985) – directed by Dark Brothers - is an adult masterpiece of Dark Brothers better then the popular new wave of music and style as the two losers who dreams of fantasy, played on the screen.

3.       “Behind the Green Door” (Released 1972) – directed by Artie Mitchell & Jim Mitchell - the debut film of Marilyn Ingenue camera was sent to adult entrepreneurs Mitchell fraternity. The combination of avant garde film industry practices with hardcore action, she helped to join the surreally sexy seventies.

4.       “The Devil in Miss Jones “(Film Released 1973) – directed by Gerard Damiano - often imitated premise of this classic has recently dead woman’s return to earth as the incarnation of lust,” earn “her place in hell.

5.       “Naked Day” (Released in Hollywood 1976) – possibly the first blue film “meta», «Naked Day” stars the beautiful and innocent looking Abigail Clayton as an aspiring actress who ends by making adult films. It earns its place in the list of Top 10 best adult films of all time due to her enthusiasm and realistic performance.

6.       “Three daughters (Released 1986) – perhaps the best example of adult film” feminist », Candida Royale masterpiece earns its place in the Top 10 best adult films all-time list due to its sensual feminine image of pleasure, a huge departure from most men centered erotic films.
“Opening of Misty Beethoven” Released (1976) – another adult comedy is a satire based on the free

7.       “My Fair Lady” Taking a trashy whore and placing it in first class, where she is quite a hit.

8.       “Debbie Does Dallas” (Released 1978) - The name of this classic says it all.

9.       “Flesh Gordon” (Released 1974) – a sci-fi parody with adult overtones were quite popular in the edited R-rated release for mass consumption.

10.   “Smoking in the evening, Pamela Mann” Released (1974) - possibly the first blue film in Hollywood to be shot at Hollywood budget, removing the sex scenes could have made it a hit in any circle. Although where this pleasure?

Every person, probably his or her own opinion about the top 10 best blue films all the time, but the above list is a good start as such. Happy viewing.

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